Fascias and soffits can be designed as standalone or to house integrated rainwater management systems. Alumasc can carry out rainwater flow calculations as well as making certain that all imposed loadings are catered for.

The lightweight characteristics of aluminium fascia soffit products mean that they are economical and easy to transport. Consequently, handling is easier and installation faster, with resultant cost effectiveness.

In service, Alumasc aluminium fascia and soffit systems are virtually maintenance free. Apart from routine cleaning for visual reasons and special consideration for coastal areas, aluminium does not require any maintenance being carried out, providing a cost benefit over its lifetime.

The systems have a life expectancy in excess of 40 years in rural and suburban areas and up to 25 years in industrial and/or marine conditions. This greatly enhances the product’s cradle to the grave embodied energy figure relative to systems (e.g. plastic) with shorter life spans. This also results in the removal of the appreciable costs, both environmental and monetary, of product replacement.

The rainwater ranges include dry-joint extruded and wet-joint folded gutter profiles, which can be used in combination with various downpipes and roof edge treatments to fulfil different functional requirements (e.g., high security) and for different visual effects to suit the building context.


Delivery and Installation

Alumasc will optimize both delivery schedules and installation details to make on-site operations efficient and trouble free. Simple to follow instructions and layouts are available for every Alumasc scheme making on time project delivery, in the critical closing phases, a reality.